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Success Stories & Testimonials

Mackenzie - 12 WK Program

Before coaching with Grace, I struggled with confidence within myself, holding myself accountable to become a better version of ME, and binge/emotional eating. Then Grace taught me to own the parts of myself I was insecure about, making myself a priority in my own life, and how to intuitively eat. 

The 3 most significant results I’ve received from coaching with Grace are:

  1. Shifting my mindset from a more so negative to a positive view of myself. Ultimately, owning the parts of myself that I did not favor - because when you don’t own what you have, there is no way to lose it. 

  2. Providing me with tools curated to exactly what I need in order to hold myself accountable long term.

  3. Guiding me through the ins and outs of my emotional eating habits, and got me to the point of recognizing when I am only seeking food because I’m hungry for something greater, emotionally. In result to this - I have lost 20 lb + while under the coaching of Grace. 

What I loved most about coaching with Grace is that I was able to just be ME, and open up in a way I was really hesitant on before starting the program. Her maturity in more sensitive topics, really helped to ease my mind and get me to a place of trust in my coach and within myself. 

Maria - 4 WK (Single Sessions)

Before coaching with Grace, I struggled with creating healthy habits around my weight loss, as well as my relationship with food. Then Grace taught me that in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle long term - it’s not just about what I eat, it’s also about how I eat.

The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Grace are:

1. Going from rushing my food to slowly eating it and truly taking time to enjoy it.

2. Consciously stop eating when I’m feeling content rather than push myself to a point of feeling sick.

3. Having a strategic routine for when I feel my hunger coming on, rather than setting myself up to binge by not listening to my true hunger cues.

What I loved most about coaching with Grace is that she didn’t make me feel forced to do anything I didn’t want to, she assisted me in realizing things about myself that I didn’t realize before, and guided me out of a “diet mentality”.

Tiana - Single Session

She was very engaging, professional and helped me go deeper within myself to find what I wanted and needed to do in my life.

Audrey - Single Session

My session with Grace has set a very positive tone for the rest of my day. I love the way she was able to transmit a calming energy within her session. She was always on point in her clarification of what I said to her. Grace, thank you for a wonderful session.

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